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Ideology Blondie Gone Wild


Winemaking - “Gone Wild” refers to the risky, but rewarding, approach of allowing nature to take its course starting the fermentation, rather than intervening by adding cultured wine yeast. Numerous strains of wild yeast are present in the winery and ride in from the vineyard on the freshly-picked grapes. Relying on them to convert the juice to wine means a slow, somewhat unpredictable fermentation, but each strain contributes its own unique, subtle nuances and, collectively, the various species lend the wine added layers of flavor, dimension and complexity.

 Blondie Gone Wild ages in French oak barrels made by Tonnellerie François Frères and Tonnellerie Boutes

 Tasting – Close your eyes and let your nose pick up on the caramel, toffee brioche and honey almonds touched by a rich, aromatic oak.  A creamy, plush mouthfeel complemented by soft citrus, bright grapefruit, fresh lemon peel, and a smooth, lingering finish. 

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